Taking food pictures is harder than you think

It's very trendy nowadays, we see a lot of people taking pictures of their plate in restaurants, cafes, and bars, and you see even more pictures of people’s homemade food. But unfortunately a lot of them are not appealing, even worst some of them are gross.

As a travel photographer, I have to take pictures everywhere I go. So restaurants are my playground and most of the time it is for diners. And diners involve often bad light conditions.

I’m not a food photographer and during my business trips I can’t really set up my photo shoot. I try as much as I can to create a good composition but I must be very cautious to deliver good photo and sometimes I don’t take any if I think it won't come out as good as it should be. Even after you can’t really edit food photographs or just a minors details. So you can’t fix a bad shoot.

A bad photograph for me is worth than no picture, so I would highlight something else, the mood, a detail, people. 

So taking a good picture in restaurant can be very challenging.