Travel photographer? It’s not what you think

During a business trip, from packing your stuff to the first step back home your eye become a camera and you see everything through a lens, always wondering if it worth to shoot or not; your plate, your room,  each road, each person you encounter...on so on.
And that leave you with no time to enjoy your stay. Talking could mean missing a good shoot and eating or drinking means messing up with the composition of the meal and therefore the composition of the picture you want to take.
Even the others will tend to see you as a camera on legs and nicely tell you what to shoot at.

Don’t let you be trapped, enjoy your stay, the sceneries, talk to people , forget your camera for a moment , just be the journalist you also are. The pleasure you will have  will definitely show on your photographiée.
And last but not the least you will come back with many nice memories not only on your memory card but in your head as well.