Hotel photographies: the boring syndrome

There are stunning hotels all over the world and I have visited some.

There are some with a lot of charm, some with warm mood or some others with an artistic touch. 

Let’s say there are hotels for everyone and every taste, but unfortunately, lots of commercial photographies fall short of showing their originality. 

Lot of hotels use stock photographies or basic wide shoots, but they would definitely get profit on having original photos with bolder shoots.

We all know what hotel rooms are, but do we know them when the sun is coming down? What kind of skyline we can expect from the window or how nice the staff is? 

All those details, which are not actualy, can easily make the hotel stand out with a good composition and unusual angles and make the difference from the other hotels. For example, have you tried to shoot from the floor, through the window and play with its reflection or even from the bathroom?

So don’t sell it short, try new things, it doesn't cost a lot more than classic but boring pictures.