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Let’s talk about Art.

All voices matter

“Americart 2019 is a long and thoughtful project born after my first solo exhibition combined with my long life dream of making a road trip.
Some simple words coming from people far away from art’s world have questioned me about who is legitimate or not to talk about art. The simplicity, the truthfulness of their emotions made me want to give more of their voice.
My goal with this project is to create a channel with people who are usually left behind from the art world, who are not used to be questioned about their relation with art.
In order to do that I decided to go meet people in their daily live, to listen and record their words.
Via a touring exhibition of my recent works, a camera and open, free space, I believe I could engage a real dialogue to bring some new perspectives about the role of the art and its accessibility to all.”

-EFDLT Studio